Bear Claws are the BEST

I can’t say enough fantastic things about this Daylight Donuts. Since this location has opened my kids are dragging me out of bed every Saturday to go get donuts. We pass three other donut shops on the way but keep going until we get to Daylight Donuts. The employees are awesome, the donuts are fresh, there is a huge selection but the bear claws are the BEST, I especially love the blueberry and lemon! The owner has a nut allergy so they are a nut free facility which is great for those with allergies. My kids love getting strawberry and chocolate milk out of the refrigerator and starting their Saturdays with way too much sugar.

On a personal note my son has had two amazing basketball games the last two weeks and I asked him why he is suddenly playing so good and he said “Daylight Donuts.” Is it coincidence? I think not!!  -Jessica K.