See what they are saying about Daylight Donuts of South Jordan!

Here are comments from some of our fans!

Absolutely Love this Place! Not only are the donuts (and service) amazing, but they have a sausage wrapped in a sweet bread (not sure what they are called) that is fantastic, they are a must try! This is my go to place from now on. – Matthew J

Absolutely Love this Place!

Best donuts I have found in the area. Great staff very friendly. – Matt C.

Best Donuts

I can’t say enough fantastic things about this Daylight Donuts. Since this location has opened my kids are dragging me out of bed every Saturday to go get donuts. We pass three other donut shops on the way but keep going until we get to Daylight Donuts. The employees are awesome, the donuts are fresh, there is a huge selection but the bear claws are the BEST, I especially love the blueberry and lemon! The owner has a nut allergy so they are a nut free facility which is great for those with allergies. My kids love getting strawberry and chocolate milk out of the refrigerator and starting their Saturdays with way too much sugar.

On a personal note my son has had two amazing basketball games the last two weeks and I asked him why he is suddenly playing so good and he said “Daylight Donuts.” Is it coincidence? I think not!!  -Jessica K.

Bear Claws are the BEST

Perfect stop on a Saturday morning for the family. Delicious donuts and great variety! –  Adrienne G.

Perfect Stop

Staff was so friendly and helpful, donuts were delicious. Great selection. Will be back! – Baylee S.

Great Selection

I will definitely be going back soon! The staff was SO friendly! It was very clean, easy to get to, and the donuts were delicious! – Kenzie W.

The Staff was SO Friendly!

The employee that helped us today was so friendly and appreciative. It was nice to have wonderful customer service. The guy felt bad that we didn’t have as many choices because they had been so busy that he gave us an extra doughnut to make up for it. The donuts were good, even the fruity pebble doughnut. We will be going back. – “Take a seat”

Friendly Employees

Great selection of donuts at 6am when I went in. Fast and friendly staff got me in and out in just a few minutes. Ordered 2 dozen donuts to share at work and they put them all in one box, which I wasn’t a fan of. I’ll probably ask for two 1 dozen boxes next time so I can easily get to my favorites on the bottom! – George D.

Great Selection

Love the variety they have here. We first tried Daylight in Oklahoma and loved them there. We were excited to get one just down the street in South Jordan. Favorites are the blueberry cake, the raspberry rosette (like a fritter or bear claw but bigger and prettier) and the old fashioned in regular or maple glazed. 🤤 Also those stuffed with cream cheese. So yummy. Ok everything is yummy there. 😋 – Brittany M.

Love the Variety

Love this place! Great coupons if you sign up with texting and email 🙂 – Tonya Crane

Love this Place!